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The Cheshire is an International organization. Today Cheshire Homes are functioning in 54 countries, total 346 Homes. In India there are 25 such Homes the Cheshire Homes India – Delhi Unit is the biggest Home.


The Cheshire Movement

“A Cheshire Unit is a place of shelter physically, and of encouragement spiritually, a place in which the residents can acquire a sense of belonging and of ownership by contributing in any way within their capabilities of its functioning and development, a place to share with others, and from which to help others less fortunate, a place in which to gain confidence and envelop independence and interest, a place of hopeful endeavors and not of passive disinterest”.


Devoted to the service and painstaking care of men, women and children who are incurably sick, permanently disabled or mentally retarded, the Cheshire Home India Delhi Unit fills their life with love, care, self respect and dignity. Here, the physical and emotional needs of the inmates are properly attended to by specially trained people and voluntary social workers. In most of the cases, it is the beginning of a new, meaningful life for the handicapped people. A concern which fully justifies our motto’ We care — We share”.


(a) The Delhi Unit - Activities

To Provide residential accommodation on the lines of a home for the care, treatment nursing and general well-being of men, women and children of all classes and communities who are chronically ill or permanently disabled or mentally challenged and who without any resources or of limited means and resources for such disadvantaged section of society and also to engage in community Based Rehabilitation project for disadvantaged section of society.


(B) Day Care Centre

The purpose behind the Day Care Centre is to keep the residents and non residents disabled persons gainfully and purposefully occupied. Besides learning beneficial skills, they also earn money. It is gratifying to note hat the quality and finish of the items made by the handicapped have impressed various large industrial houses, which have started placing orders for work to be done at our Day Care Centre Workshop. The work covers as diverse a range as tailoring, brown paper bag making, candle making; diyas painting and decorating, production of greeting cards , Sahgun envelopes Magnet decorative piece, Woolen, Photo album, frame, coasters, folders, neem pencil, and other handmade item.


(C) Physiotherapy cum Development Centre

The aim and purpose of this centre is to provide the urgently needed physiotherapy treatment. The centre has a full time physiotherapist and special educator. Thus this centre extends the following facilities:-




Education cum training programme

Plays / shows specially meant for physiotherapy and mentally retarded people.

Hobbies like painting and indoor games etc.